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Dang people are tough on this kid I thought he showed some nice burst at times tonight lets be honest hes really only lost 1 fumble all pre-season because the goal line play at Seattle was a fluke that was clearly a TD and yeah he had a fumble that game but it was recovered. While Clady was in the game tonight he had some decent runs, I don't think Chris Clark is a great run blocker at all so that hurt us.

Tonight he just got beasted by Ogletree who is going to be a freak of a player in the NFL, should he have held on to the football? You damn right and he knows it. Lets not forget the kid is only 21 years old still, he still has lots of time to develop. His pass pro is night and day from last year and hes had a nice training camp, im going to trust the coaches.

Not saying hes a every down starter but I think he will have a significant role this year hes a 10-15 touch a game guy and he will make his fair share of plays in the regular season.

Hillman and Ball will be the future and the wild card will be CJ Anderson if he is kept which I think he will be kept.
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