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Originally Posted by bronco0608 View Post
Thank you so much for asking, That One Guy. Bronco Buster's suggestion was sweet and got me going on the right track -- I think. I should be able to get the names right from there. I am definitely making progress on that front.

Now I need to figure out how to take three different excel invoices, and make them consistent with the same fields on one worksheet. This is what three invoices on the same spreadsheet looks like after pasting them:

And I want to be to automate it to standardize the fields so it looks like this:

I know some of it has to be manual entry. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
Sorry, it's late and my brain is half ready to nod off. If I understand correctly, you're expecting to be able to get the names broken into the appropriate columns?

If so, what I would do is make a 4 page excel. Make the front page your end product then put each company on its own tab. As long as you have the columns set up right, this will allow you to copy different columns from each sheet and combine them. Getting the names broken up would be the hard part. After that, you can automate it by just recording a macro and there'd be nothing to write.

Sorry if I'm not getting where you're at but it seems like you should be on the homestretch if you got the names to break up properly.
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