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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Hillman has probably hurt his chances of being the opening day starter, but then again Ball hasn't done enough yet to say he's the #1 guy either. I'm guessing Fox will use all 3 RB's (Hillman, Ball, Moreno) and ride whoever has the hot hand.
I'm guessing it bites us in the ass all yr with no rb to lean on in short yardage. Hell I would give Hester a look to see if he can gain 2 yrs a carry without fumbling. Thats what we need someone who can get 2-3 yrds when its 3-2 3-1. Someone who can score from inside the 5 yrd line and pick a blitz here and there. Seriously Hillman? Do you suck that much? How hard is it to hold on to the ****ing ball?
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