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3 preseason games and 3 fumbles...... Just resign McGahee and play Ball and Moreno. I've ****ing seen enough....further 2 of his fumbles led directly to 2 TDs. He's not an NFL player...
McGahee should have never been cut. He never had a fumbling problem in his whole career until Denver. It is conceivable that he could work on it and not fumble this year. He was the best Running back 4.4. YPC and he was the best blocker. Why Keep Jacob Hester and let McGahee go? They have plenty of cap space.

I never bought Hillman as Denver's starting RB. He never breaks a tackle, he really doesn't have good agility. All he has is straight-line speed and I think that is very overrated.

As of now Denver should start Moreno.

They won't do that because they know it will look like they failed, which they have.
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