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Originally Posted by bronco0608 View Post
Thanks for the reply, bud. I really, really appreciate it.

These staffing agencies are all over the place with the name formats. I was just looking at the latest invoice, and one of them decided to middle initials and full middle names in there!

John Q. Wilson
Melissa Marie Owens
Terry C. Edwards
Michael O. Kim

This is hurting my head.
Well that wont prevent you from still organizing the names however you wish

If you text to columns names using spaces and you get middle names, initials, etc.. it will just break their name up into 3 cells instead of 2
You can then just delete the middle name cell if you dont need it
Or you can run a concatenate formula to combine them just so you have two cells for their entire name

You can pull data from different formats and combine it all into one format using the methods I described in the previous post
If you are not too familiar with concatenates and text to columns, then I suggest doing a little google searching and tinkering in Excel with them

Good news is this shouldnt take long at all (like under 30 min) once you know what you are doing
And you wont have to run a macro or anything
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