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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
True but thus far I've not heard of the kind of fallout levels remotely seen form Chernobyl. These reactors are still inside containment facilities, even if cracked and leaking. Chernobyl was blown totally open and the building above destroyed. The reactor shot straight out into the sky, so high people fishing nearby saw a huge blue flame coming out.

I'm old enough to remember it. We had fallout raining down on us in Denver that was measurable at higher levels than what we've gotten from F-uk-ushima. My older sister complained of her eyes burning.
Chernobyl was never in containment. The reactor building was open.

***ushima is worse for many reasons -- the first is because at Chernobyl only one reactor melted down -- whereas four melted down at ***ushima.

The potential release at ***ushima is at least 100 X Chernobyl -- when the stored spent fuel rods are included.

Each reactor at ***ushima also presents a different set of problems. So ***u is like Chernobyl on steroids. MHG
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