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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by baja View Post
OK for the sake of argument lets assume you are correct with this post. Here is the more immediate problem.

The control driven globalists will not rest until they control the world with a one world government. This climate issue (valid or not ) is a perfect vehicle for them to achieve through fear this OWG. This is a case of solving one problem before the other problem is tackled. If not we will trade 100% of the freedom we enjoy today for a physically livable planet tomorrow. We must defeat the globalest agenda before we can expect to have a real solution for the climate issue. You should know their solution to global warming is population reduction, 80% reduction. Does that work for you?
That's just paranoia. If there is one formula history has proven, the bigger your empire, the less you control. The concept of giant empires is coming to an end.
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