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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Of course you do. Because it doesn't fit your world view.

So sorry. Can you and txtebow point to the doll where the bad black man hurt you? It's the only thing that can explain your disgusting vendetta.
It's to put your liberal nose into the disgusting pile of hypocrisy that you and your ilk subscribe to when it comes to the irrational coverage of race (potential)crimes involving white attackers and black victims.

Meanwhile in today's world, the more prevalent violent interracial crimes where blacks are the aggressors and whites are the victims barely get more than a day's coverage before the topic is changed to some other "newsworthy" event....they certainly don't get 15 months worth of front page coverage and DOJ funded rallies and political intervention by the DOJ to the local authorities to bring to trial someone who had a legitimate claim to self defense (hence why a GRAND JURY was never used in Florida). Until you are able to recognize this fundamental disparity in our current culture and media then I will continue to "housebreak" you......
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