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Figures,he is from a state that over a quarter of rethugs blame obama for the poor Katrina response.
Brilliant. You have to outright lie to score political points. The poor Katrina response from Nagin, you mean? All those submerged school buses that should have been used to evacuate, for example, or those looting police officers wandering around Wal Mart with the thieves? There tends to be "poor response" when something happens that never happened before, such as NOLA going underwater or the Columbine massacre. People learn from these incidents and if they happen again, response is much more coordinated.

Katrina is a perfect example of where so many on the left have tried to blame the alleged racism of GW Bush for unsatisfactory disaster reponse while ignoring poor local management by corrupt politicians (Nagin was later brought up on corruption charges).
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