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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I would rather places hire a kid to start out and let them make $10 an hour instead of settle and likely move on shortly down the road.
So would I, and raising the minimum wage would cut down on that considerably. If someone is making a living wage, regardless their age, they're far less likely to move to another job. It is not as if, just because the minimum wage jumps up, everyone else's wages jump up too

I know it's an age-old widely held belief that raising the minimum wage means everyone's wage needs to go up or else the old employees revolt because they were making X percent above minimum and now they're making X minus...but it's all bunk.

I've been involved in 4 separate minimum wage hikes with three different companies, and in no instance did upper management adjust the wages of those already making minimum or above. None.

Considering it costs far less to retain an old employee than it does to hire a new one, raising the minimum wage in this instance actually helps employee retention, regardless of what people want to do with those facts.
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