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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
I've watched plenty of it in my lifetime. I don't watch much anymore because I got sick and tired of the bias and the political/ideological drum beating. As I stated, the market doesn't explain the ideological undercurrents common in media as well as the universally taboo topics they all avoid like the plague.

As much as people complain about the poor quality of news reporting in terms of bias and ideological blinders, I have a very hard time believing in the idea that the behavior of these people is market-driven, especially with the largely left slant in media. Little has a right slant outside of Fox News. Nothing on TV does. You have to go to radio shows and websites.

Unbiased news simply means reporting events without ideological undercurrent, taking sides, and so forth. They're more able to do it on a local TV news level, but when you get to national news, you can largely forget it.

That isn't journalism. People don't like being told who is the good guy and what to think.
Hey, you can believe what you want. Like I said, if there were a market for it, there'd already be one. There's not, so there isn't. Pretty simple.

You disagree?

Go found one and make billions.

Of course you just contradicted yourself in the last line. People like being told what to think, which is why unbiased news is a sheer impossibility.
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