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Let's see if we can put this into words Beavis can wrap his little mind around.

- Tebow sucks.

- No he doesn't.

- His mechanics are awful, he isn't smart, and he couldn't even put up decent stats when the Broncos adopted his offense from his Florida days.

- Wait, what? The Broncos never adopted that offense.

- Yeah they did, they had the option offense, did you not watch the Broncos that season or what?

- But it wasn't the same offense, it was a dumbed down version and they didn't use the spread nearly as much in Denver as he did at Florida.

- Look at this one play. 4 WR, shotgun, option to the RB. Spread option!

- That's one play. You should look at more...the vast majority of the plays for Denver weren't like that. That offense didn't even resemble the Florida offense.

- But look at this other one play. 3 WR, 1 TE in the slot, shotgun, option to the RB. Spread option!

- Look, you're just going to have to go back and watch some more tape of UF's offense, because you clearly never saw Tebow play in college. Here's a link.

- Translation: Translation: More "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you." Not sure what the point of any debate is if the sum total of a response to a direct question is a link and "here, read this."

I could go there. But it would be pointless. He would never read anything not anointed by the Holy Church of Tebonners.
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