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Generally, the people who watch a news outlet like NBC are going to be a lot less inclined to want to see a story like this on the news than they are something about, say, voting rights.

Just as people who watch Fox News are going to be less likely to watch if theyre being told that polls show Obama ahead of Romney, which is why Fox News only reported on the favorable polls as well as their "internal polling".

It is, pretty simply stated, catering to your customer base. It's why a vegetarian restaurant wouldn't serve meat, and why Taco Bell doesn't serve hamburgers.

Pretty simple, really. So unless you're ready to accept state run news agencies, I'd suggest you acknowledge the bias of ALL for-profit media, and not just those dirty libruls.
It's too lopsided for me to believe that. What I see is a combination of certain topics that are too taboo to touch specifically for their being uncomfortable for liberals and others that are touched dishonestly consistent with political correctness. Do the markets dictate that we want the media to spin and lie to us and tell us what values to hold or are journalists taking it upon themselves to use their access to media as a soap box as well as propaganda outlet for government and other powerful people?

I don't want a state media but I do want the return of more balanced journalism in which sides are presented without biased input or judgment from the narrator. CNN was a quality channel in the 80s and actually reported quality investigative news, but now part of its mission is liberal social activism. It has that content on the front page of its website on a daily basis.
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