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Interesting point I hadn't thought of...
...Skyler is right: She does need a lawyer. Not to protect Walt, but to protect herself. Consider this email I got from reader Drew Ryce, an attorney, about Hankís prospects for nailing Walt on money laundering and tax evasion:
Plenty of physical evidence, tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions of dollars locked up in storage rooms. Except look at Walter's defense. Walter didn't launder anything. His wife did the laundering. Perhaps on behalf of Gustavo and/or the cartel. Think about it. She rents the storage areas. Not Walter. She fiddles the books. Not Walter. She runs the car wash. She ran a complex tax evasion scheme with Ted's company (which clearly had nothing to do with Walter).
Itís too late for Skyler to come clean. I didnít know it till now, but she did.
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