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Either side, we see through it. My generation has a chip on its shoulders because of all the wolf tickets our predecessors sold us. We are fighting tooth and nail beside 40+ year olds who got laid off because corporate America would rather pay a fresh kid 1/4 the salary for the same work.

The unemployment offices are littered with people of that demographic, even moreso than people my age. I found it surprising. Even in ND, the market is tough. I have had six or seven interviews since I moved up, no offers. Most said I was overqualified. It is getting frustrating, but I am fortunate to get interviews. I have a buddy who just finished his Master's and is 2/100 on apps / interviews. Crazy.

I am almost down to the felt, but just tell myself it always works out and read Serenity's Prayer whenever I get down. I wish my grandpa was still alive so he could tell me stories about his life and how hard that was. Just thankful to be alive.

Don't be surprised. If they aren't booting out people who command higher salaries in favor of rookies, they're bringing in cheaper foreign labor or outright outsourcing. The level of loyalty and decency in the common business climate is rock bottom. All this loud clamor about "celebrate diversity" is garbage; it's about bringing in lesser-paid workers ripe for exploitation and them not wanting society to object.

If you want to read about how hard life was in your grandfather's time, check out a book called The Worst Hard Time about the Dust Bowl. It would blow your mind. The latter half of the book, especially.
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