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I used to work for a legal, business and research giant that is a global powerhouse that gets outsourced contracts from Top 25 AmLaw firms, EA Sports and other large corporations. Doing work they cannot do on a 8-5 schedule all on their own. The average project managers for those places easily pocketed 60k+ a year and benefits. I watched as some of our business partners cut off employees there and gave us more work. I felt bad. One, for those people. Two, knowing I was getting paid tens of thousands less for doing hard work.

Long story short, my old location has not given raises, or even cost of living adjustments for their employees. Rent has went up big time and so have goods. My buddy used to save a couple hundred a month and was content with his job. As the years passed, stuff skyrocketed and now he scrapes by.

I got a friend a job there before I left. He is an entry level analyst and makes ~ 13 an hour. Works hard, grades out well in performance reviews and always shows up. Management told him raises and COL are just not in the cards. I call BS because they are making money hand over fist. Multi-million dollar contracts and they do not have the balls to raise people up a quarter or fifty cents in a year?

It is ****ing horse****. A few of just many reasons I got out of Dodge and left for Colorado...

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