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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by brom66an6 View Post
Ya hopefully for his sake they didn't lie to him about what his role would be. It almost seemed like when he chose them he thought they would help build his value closer to his 3-4 year with us. That's not happening though.

We definatly will miss his impact. Hopefully someone can step up for the first 6 games. I think the only person we have for those games with the potential speed even close to him is Smith (but he is still recovering). Mark Anderson would of been worth the shot but hopefully someone will suprise us.
I think it is odd he took Von's number. Are they going to put him in coverage on TE's like Von does? At this point he is avg vs the run, he can rush from the outside but he should be bull rushing with more success and he is below avg in coverage. As a 3rd down rusher he will be missed greatly.
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