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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And don't you live in a red state?

I live in Indiana right now, and I can't find a single person under 35 who is a conservative. Not saying there aren't any...that's far from true, but to say millennials are dropping liberalism?


No, and no, and no.
Yeah. I am back up in North Dakota. I live in the downtown metro area so Minnesota is just a stones throw away. This area isn't like the rest of the state, but it has a lot of liberal qualities due to several schools being in the area. There are definitely conservatives here, but the number of youth who are is astoundingly low. When I was with the governmental and collegiate affairs commission with the NDSA/SG -- I had the opportunity to see the grassroots efforts from both sides of the spectrum. Regardless of where I went, "libs" had more boots on the ground than the other guys, especially East of the Missouri.

I had done some work for the College Republicans and state party re: graphic design and publication development for the first time Obama ran. I had done a district of analysis of Ron Paul and helped spearhead the efforts to get him to speak at my Uni because I thought it would be interesting. Hardly any youth showed up. Very few college Republicans, maybe twenty of their several hundred. At Dem events without major figures, way more people showed up.

All and all -- It was worth the coin. I was paid well for my efforts. Was surprised to see what I did.

The truth of the matter is this: liberalism isn't being abandoned. In many ways my peers are looking for stronger reforms than what Congress and our spineless leaders have put into place. Some have reverted to apathy all together. I would venture to say most my peers do not give a **** one way or the other nationally. They realize grassroot efforts locally make more of a difference.

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