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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
That's kind of the whole reason none of us are really reacting too strongly about it. Media, not that stupid catch-all, the "librul media", but media is constantly biased in their reporting. Where was Fox News' coverage of yellowcake? How much time did they spend covering Benghazi? Did anyone see their election night coverage?

That's because media, not just the "librul media", but media is in the BUSINESS of getting RATINGS.

It surprises me that conservatives constantly brag about Fox News' ratings without realizing the gravity of that statement and what all goes along with it.

Actually, no it doesn't.
For the record, I thought that Keith Olbermann's high point on MSNBC was his fantastic coverage of the unjust Iraq War....and on a football note, the ravens are playing DOOM only on passing downs in the pre season....
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