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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
By that argument more people should already be off.

It's all about motivation. If I can feel content on government assistance, why would I ever go out and change my life?

There is no silver bullet solution here, but there needs to be an incentive to not have people habitually use this stuff. First step IMO is that food stamp can only be used for food items, period.
The primary incentive is the availability of work. The crux of the issue is twofold: 1. tens of millions of jobs have gone offshore and 2. Investors are not investing. They are either holding onto their cash -- or engaging in wild speculation. America, indeed, the world has become a casino.

At the root of thee problems is the void of leadership in our nation. That's a top down problem.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to effect a change at the ballot box. We are stuck as a nation, terminally dysfunctional. None of the safety valves for change work anymore.

So things must continue to get worse. Sooner or later, the shyte will really hit the fan. MHG
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