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Originally Posted by NFLBRONCO View Post
I have to agree with TonyR on this. Denver has sooo many questions ESP D at this point everybody is a tough challenge for us. Can Denver beat anybody they face sure they can. The Ravens are weaker but, still physical and throw deep two things Denver has a history of struggling with. Something nobody talks about that might and might not show up is all the distractions that hit this offseason will it cause sloppy play early on? This is why we play the games to find out.
I think Von getting suspended just takes pressure of the Broncos to be the best team in the NFL. That is, if the Broncos don't play well, or lose a few more games, all the talking heads will be like "see, they aren't that good." All that matters is the post season.

The Broncos set the regular season bar so high last year that anything less than 12+ wins is considered abnormal. The only thing that really matters is getting into the playoffs and then the real pressure starts.
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