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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Meh. Everyone thought the Ravens were a flawed team going into the playoffs last year. Then 4 games happened where JoeFla discovered the jump ball, and it worked for some insane reason. And for some even more insane reason, they walked Anquan out the door to go along with all the other player turnover they had.

I just don't see lightning striking twice in their case. But I guess we'll find out more in two weeks. Hard to believe.
Agreed, I've been saying this from Go. At some point at the end of the season, Flacco figured out that throwing the ball up for grabs in Boldin's general vicinity was a really good idea and Boldin was killin it (though, iirc, he didnt do much against us). Anyway, have no clue why they let him walk.
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