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Originally Posted by Hulamau View Post
THat sounds about right Razor ... The other two losses could come at Houston on the road and maybe the Colts or possible KC on the road as they always play us close there even when they suck and they should be a lot better this year.

I do think we spank the Brady bunch in Clam Chowderville this year .. its about time.

Im very sorry to lose Von for 6 games but its far from the end of the world and could well work to our long term advantage. We go 4-2 or even worse case 3-3 those first 6 games but keep improving we could be ready to roll those last 10 games. lock up our division and finish 12-4 or 11-5 worse case.

Id rather not have homefield the whole way this time. We are gonna win this one by overcoming some adversity early and that will make us a tougher stronger team by years end.

Of course the nervous nelly poosies here will be knashing their teeth and slitting wrists after the first loss or two as usual, but what else is new around here.

I said that last year and you'd a thought I stabbed Elway in the eye.
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