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No, according to Beavis, the first step should be wait and do nothing and see what happens for a long period of time.

You know, let the data "percolate" a bit?

Interesting how when it comes to climate change, there's just not enough data, yet for Obamacare, it's already time to repeal or defund based on...conjecture and opinion?

Double standard.
You've got it backwards. Obamacare is still just a theory.

$1.76 trillion (around $13,000 per US household) just to see how it works. Pretty amazing when you realize that at it's heart the plan really is to take the former Democratic victims of society poster children known as "the uninsured" and start a PR/enforcement effort to cajole and shame the dirty freeloaders into buying the insurance they could've bought all along.

Some plan.

But I will give you credit. You're consistent in both approaches. Spend spend spend. Hope something good happens despite all odds.
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