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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
You're so defensive that you think that anybody that doesn't share your racist views must be a racist to the other extreme. I've defended Zimmerman. You can check my posts. I'm not like you. You would have posted a thread about Zimmerman if he were black and Martin white. You would have accused him of murder.
No, I think that many on here are indoctrinated sheep easily swayed by the race hustling of JJ and Fat Albert. They are the racists.

And I absolutely would not have posted about a reverse race GZ/ Martin encounter for one simple reason. I probably wouldn't have heard about it if not for the irrational leftist temper tantrums that rang all the way to the FEDERAL Government via the DOJ that sponsored Justice for Trayvon Rallies and put a man on trial who was guilty only of self defense. And I wouldn't have heard about it (and you either) SOLELY if the races were reversed unless TXTEBOW digs it out from WND....
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