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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Nobody said stop research. The key is to let a hypothesis percolate for a reasonable amount of time. Measure projection against actual result. That takes time. And thus far, the longer the evaluation goes, the more questionable the alarmist projections have become. In a normal (non-advocacy) atmosphere, that sends scientists back to the drawing board. In this pseudoscientific public debate though, it just causes the faithful to become more shrill, even as temperatures flatten.

That's not the environment for effective dosomethingism. At least not if you want to credibly slap the name "science" on it.
That is simply and absolutely not true. In fact, the longer scholarship works on this problem, the more they are confirming this. That is why you are seeing such staggering numbers in the science community coming out saying these things. That is the reason for the consensus, not your feeble attempt at discrediting people who know more than you. "Pseudoscience" is a word that should not be in the vocabulary of someone who doesn't know something as simple as the difference between climate and weather.

In addition, lets just throw some **** at the wall and pretend humans aren't a major contributing cause of global warming. Doesn't change the fact that climate change is happening, and it doesn't change the fact that we are going to need to do something to adapt. Do you see any conservative plan for addressing this? Of course not, because it would mean more of their precious tax dollars being spent. Hell, we have stuff like our tens of thousands of bridges that are collapsing, things that are happening right now that you can go physically see.

No, they poo poo the studies and say things like "it's not so bad", just like you've been doing about the oil spills, despite evidence to the contrary.

If it costs money, unless it means they get to kill some brown people, conservatives just can't bring themselves to understand or support even the simplest of scientific issues. This goes from evolution to climate change, and from public polling to healthcare.

"Math is hard and science is dumb" is the credo of conservatives most everywhere nowadays.

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