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Please just stop.

Yes, let's just eliminate all scientific research, because the money always has to come from somewhere, and so therefore it's always going to be suspect.

Let's add the War on Science to the list of reasons why conservatives are in the process of fading into obscurity.
Nobody said stop research. The key is to let a hypothesis percolate for a reasonable amount of time. Measure projection against actual result. That takes time. And thus far, the longer the evaluation goes, the more questionable the alarmist projections have become. In a normal (non-advocacy) atmosphere, that sends scientists back to the drawing board. In this pseudoscientific public debate though, it just causes the faithful to become more shrill, even as temperatures flatten.

That's not the environment for effective dosomethingism. At least not if you want to credibly slap the name "science" on it.
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