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In a year where the Broncos desperately needed a pass-rusher to replace Dumervil, they are EXTREMELY lucky they picked up Shaun Phillips after the draft. Quanterus Smith does nothing for this team.

Sly is looking like a wasted pick so far. I haven't seen him do anything yet this preseason. Having Damontre Moore would be real nice right about now.

I agree. Shaun Phillips is more effective on the left side of the formation anyway (who isn't). It will be interesting to see what kind of an impact Irving will have.
Why is Q a wasted pick? You base his potential off of soley year 1 impact? That's a bit unfair. As it is unfair to call Sly a wasted pick, these guys haven't played a down yet.

What has Moore done to warrant a draft pick? He hasn't played a real NFL snap either..

Irving may offer a more physical presence verse the run, but that's it.
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