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Finally started watching the game vs Seattle and must say this guy sucked massive balls on the first drive. Bradley gave up a 25 yard pass to Tight End McGrath by trying to cover a guy Woodward was already spotting. McGrath goes right by him for the big gain. Another play of Turbin near the Broncos 10 yard line and goes up the guy for 7 yards. Bradley gets man handled and taken out of the play. Dude is the White version of Mays without the massive hit on a player.

Just had to get that off my chest days after the game.
I posted about this in the other LB thread. I didn't like Bradley, didn't want him, and still think he sucks. But...

That play was not his fault. We were in a Cover 2 basic Vanilla look. The OLinemen disengaged and the RB turned for a screen, both Bradley and WW jumped the screen. The play is designed for the TE to sit and wait, if the LBs flow to him the screen is a big play, if they leave him unattended he has an easy catch. We were in a basic look, there wasn't man coverage on the TE, Bradley also sits in a soft zone and let's the play develop.

It's a damn if you do damn if you don't play. If he jumps the TE, the RB has a convoy leading him down the field verse DBs. If he jumps the RB as he did, then the TE is open underneath our Safeties playing in Cover 2.

As much as many don't want to believe or acknowledge, coaches want tape of how players would react, hence the basic Vanilla D.
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