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To reach the suspension phase means Miller was already in Stage Two of the league’s drug policy, which means he was already subject to unannounced testing up to 10 times a calendar month, according to the policy. And according to the policy, once in Stage Three, as Miller is right now, he stays in Stage Three “for the remainder of his NFL career.’’

Miller will be subject to unannounced testing, up to 10 times per calendar month, for the remainder of his career. The testing schedule will be set at “the sole discretion of the medical advisor.’’ The policy also states that players in Stage Three, like Miller, are tested for the “Drug Panel and alcohol.’’

A violation in Stage Three and the player is “banished from the NFL for a minimum period of one calendar year.’’ The policy adds that even if a player is eventually reinstated after a year out, “he will remain in Stage Three for the remainder of his NFL career, subject to continued testing and indefinite banishment.’’
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