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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
What's sad is you (maybe) honestly think Nancy and Harry were working hard to reach across the aisle and work with President Bush.

So far as you absolve Obama, you also absolve Bush.
What part of Bush's agenda was he unable to shove through that gutless Congress? They should have called that one "The Supine Congress." All Bush had to do was whistle and they rolled over. And remember the press? They knew they'd get tossed off Bush's banquet service if they got out of line so they kept their mouths shut, kissed some Bush ass, and rode the gravy train for eight years. People forget, the NYTimes did more to take down Al Gore and sell the Iraq invasion than any other single news organization. They did a better job than Fox Spews. The second Bush left office, the Right Wing mouth breathers suddenly "rediscovered" their fiscal conservatism. First president ever to not veto a single bill in his first term. Why should he? He got everything he wanted.

What Obama has dealt with is the polar opposite of what Bush had facing him. The last president to face the kind of radical polarization of a major party that Obama has faced was Lincoln. Of course, Right Wingers compete with China in their penchant for rewriting history. Half of America (the half that listens to Fox Spews) thinks they are victims, even though their policy agenda has dominated the country for thirty years.

Of course, Obama has failed miserably. Imagine if Lincoln had come into office and simply ignored the secession of states? That's the equivalent of what Obama has done in the face of the Wall Street/Bankster takeover of our country. Instead, he invited some of the biggest pirates to come into his WH and map out his policy for him.

I can only imagine what TR would have done. 2/3rds of those crooks would have been sitting behind bars right now. The rest would have been financially ruined. And the people wouldn't have been stuck with the tab. Too big to fail? TR would have laughed out loud and with a big, ****-eating grin, marched down Wall Street and personally dragged those thieves from their mahogany throne rooms.

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