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"Succeed" should be the goal.

I agree it'd be bad politics to shut down the government over Obamacare. Sadly the best politics would be to let it unfold in all its glory.

So you're right. It's bad politics to try to keep these headlines from reaching out and harming real American people. But stopping it is still the right thing to do.
Ok first off. Yeah the job market sucks and that has to do 100% with the congress not passing any job acts. The last two congresses have been the worst in history at passing Bills. Way more than even the "Do nothing " Congress during the 40's.

As far as the other if the teacher is mad because they are cutting his hours. Don't get mad and the reform act get mad at the school system. The school system could easily hire these subs as regular beginning full time teachers with less pay and give them duties other than teaching when not needed. These teachers could full fill many duties like counselors, hall monitors and bus drivers when they aren't teaching. Many schools already do this stuff.

Companies and schools who want to find fault with this and want it top fail will be able to b**** and whine about anything. The companies and schools that go in determined to make it work will have few problems.
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