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Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
Did Jojen's greendream say his fate was "not going to be good" when he attempted to leave for Greywater Watch or when he actually got there?
Neither, really:

“He wants to go home,” Meera told Bran. “He will not even try and fight his fate. He says the greendreams do not lie.”
“He’s being brave,” said Bran. The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid, his father had told him once, long ago, on the day they found the direwolf pups in the summer snows. He still remembered.
“He’s being stupid,” Meera said. “I’d hoped that when we found your three-eyed crow … now I wonder why we ever came.”
For me, Bran thought. “His greendreams,” he said.
“His greendreams.” Meera’s voice was bitter.
“Hodor,” said Hodor. Meera began to cry.
Meanwhile, the paste tasted like human blood... something Bran is familiar with through Summer and it's the only instance where Jojen doesn't say "This is not the day I die".

Certainly not 100% conclusive, but it's looking like Bloodraven dun fed Bran Jojen.
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