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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Yup. Last several weeks have been a colossal clustereff. Lose Doom, have two execs get busted for major DUI, lose starting center, lose backup plan center, injuries to expected starting CBs (DRC and Champ), barely address the gaping hole at MLB, lose the guy barely addressed the gaping hole with (Bradley), get blown out in a preseason game, an OL coming back from the MASH unit, and now lose the team's defensive difference maker. And all this ignores the other question marks (such as RB situation) and other injuries (such as Welker) they've had to deal with. Not the way things usual go for Super Bowl teams, although the Ravens had their fair share of adversity last year and got it figured out in time to go on a run. Time to find out what this team is made of. Right now, if you're paying attention, it's hard to be optimistic.
Good thing its, you know, August? We started 2-3 last year, 1 game short of Von's suspension. I think this team is still loaded with talent, especially comparing with the rest of the terrible division.

I have watched the KC and SD preseason games so far. (why waste time with oakland preseason?) If Alex Smith wasn't wearing 11 you'd have absolutely no idea they made a change at qb. SD's offensive line is woeful at best. The first string interior of that line was on the ground within seconds. Max Starks was a swinging gate, and the other tackle hes competing for a starting spot for was even worse. I'm talking Vinston Painter bad. (What an awful draft pick. Sure striking out on mid-late round offensive lineman since Kuper)

Everyone just calm down. Its been a terrible last 30-40 days. But ask yourself, how many serious injuries have we had. Look around the league. Everyone is dealing with issues. There are teams in far more of dire straights with real injury concerns compared to the Broncos.
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