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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Bran is not and if Jon and Dany were huge red herrings, it would be super anticlimactic for the answer to be Bran.
I've been thinking about this, and I disagree that it would be anticlimactic. First of all, there's no promise that Jon Snow is coming back. Secondly, from everything I've read, The Prince Who Was Promised is not the same person as Azor Ahai. Thirdly, the story is chock full of red herrings, which is part of what makes it so good. And finally, I think it would be a huge climax to find out that Bran is the PwwP, and he started - I don't know - kicking ass through his warg abilities. I'm dying to know where this part (Bran) of the story is going.

I do like your theory on Jaime and Brienne though. And also, I don't take any theory too seriously - not even my own. I just like to explore the different possibilities. There is so much potential in this story still.

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