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I have no idea, but if you reread my response it was about AZ defense, not necessarily Lenon, although Lenon has been a decent player, no Von, but decent. I'll take 103 combined tackles.
AZ's defense had an incredible scheme. I think it will show this year and will show in Cleveland. Ray Horton is a very very good DC. That attacking defense mixed with some capable players went along way. They weren't statistically dominant and actually ranked middle of the pack in overall D.

After losing Horton, if the new regime felt he was an important component, they would have kept him for mentoring younger players. They also may have reached out to him after Washington's pending suspension. Instead, they signed a player who has been a bust thus far in his career, they signed a unexpectedly available stud ILB, and still drafted a young player. But they did not bring him back, and by all reports had no interest.

And no other team signed him in free agency..

Problem is there wasn't much out there in terms of ILB..
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