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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I don't think that hoping that he'd beat out Hillman is really asking all that much, is it?
Yeah but Tony, give it some time man! Geez Hillman is a second year RB and was much more lost at this time last year than Ball is now.

Its not the running they are holding Ball back for its learning all the Pass protection which is a hard thing with a complex offense like ours for a college RB. Lets see how hes doing by the time Von comes back.

We may struggle a little the first 5 to 6 games but I bet we still are at worst 3-3 when Von, Champ and all are fully back and everyone is in sync by then and we tear up the league the rest of the way.

Ball may be just what they thought he was and a solid RB for us for much of this season allowing Hillman to assume the role he is best suited for as well as a change of pace back.

Time will tell, but getting all bent out of shape now is going WAY over the deep end at this point and could be setting you up for some serious Crow eating later in the year.
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