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What this does is put more pressure on Shaun Phillips. He was originally going to play a part time pass rushing role. Now he's a full time player and opposite of him will be Danny Trevathan. Wesley Woodyard is moving to MLB and not just because of Stewart Bradley injury. Fox said today that move was in the works before Bradley injury. Fox quotes below.

On roster and injury updates

“We did add a new member to the club: Paris Lenon, linebacker. Most recently with Arizona, started a bunch of games. He worked out for us today, we signed him. We’re glad to add him to the linebacker crew. Otherwise, the injury report is really the same as yesterday, so unless anybody has got questions I won’t go through it all.”

On G Louis Vasquez returning to practice

“Yes, he’s back in practice.”

On if LB Wesley Woodyard is being moved to ‘Mike’ linebacker due to LB Stewart Bradley’s injury

“That was going to be a move we made regardless. Because of that (Bradley’s injury), it’s a big reason why we signed Paris Lenon, who we have high regard for. He started the last 16 games for the last three years in a row. He’s an athletic guy that we think can help us.”

On if they envision Lenon at ‘Mike’ linebacker

“We’ll find out. He doesn’t know what we’re doing yet. That evaluation will keep moving and going forward.”

On Woodyard being able to play multiple positions since he plays nearly every down

“Well, you’ve got to be flexible. At different spots he’s proven to be one of our better linebackers. [LB] Danny Trevathan will line up on the weak side, and [LB] Von [Miller] on the strong side as far as the starting group. We’ll see what that looks like this week.”

On if Trevathan looks bigger this year

“Yeah, he’s more experienced. He’s made a good leap so far, through the offseason and training camp and the preseason. So, he’s earned that opportunity.”

On the first-team offense

“We really haven’t played them that much, I think on purpose. But I thought we showed good improvement from Week One to Week Two. We anticipate having more of that improvement from Week Two to Week Three.”

On if the starters will play into the second half this weekend

“Yeah. We like getting them used to coming out after halftime. Halftime is an event in itself. So this will be the first time they have to come out and play after the halftime routine.”

On if they are sacrificing size for speed and tackling with the new linebacker lineup

“Again, guys come in all shapes and sizes. Size isn’t always as meaningful thing as how fast they play. So well take a look at Wesley in the middle, and it could end up that way throughout the 16-game regular season. There is versatility involved, we’re going to a look and see if he feels comfortable at that spot.”

On opportunities for WR Andre Caldwell due to other injuries at the wideout position

“When one door closes for somebody, another door opens. So it gives him that opportunity, much like [TE] Joel Dreessen being out has given [TE] Julius Thomas an opportunity to get those game reps, as well as practice reps. It’s really good to be able to develop young people on your team.”

On if Caldwell could play inside

“Bubba is capable of both—inside or outside. So are some of the other guys. Again, being versatile is important, really regardless of the position, maybe other than quarterback.”
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