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Default I confess, I did it...but hear me out!

I happen to be reading my Grays Almanac and noticed Von was going to have a career ending injury in game 6 this year. And seeing as how we will be nothing in the playoffs without Von, I time traveled to the second he was holding his cup and flipped it out of his hand. I then time traveled out. I was gone in an instant. He never saw me and I can only imagine what his face looked like. He was probably like, "you have got to be kidding me." And also seeing as how that would only result in a 4 game suspension, I did a little further damage by squirting some Visine in his second sample.

Look, that's all I could think of, but at least he's not lost forever and now we'll have him for the playoffs. Since I did alter the future, I have no idea if we win it this year. I do know without him we were one and done again.
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