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Chris Harris

Well Hillman will never be great at breaking tackles. He's not that type of runner. Charles doesn't break many tackles either. Those are space runners, home run hitters. If you open up a nice lane, those runners turn that stuff into 30+ yard runs. They're not grind it out runners. Ball may not be impressing so much right now but we should give this guy a little time. And let's remember, our OL has been make shift at best early on. When we get some guys back in there, those lanes should open up better. Not to mention we are now also running some different schemes (zone) and that's another adjustment. Just be patient everybody. Especially once regular season comes and we've got Clady in there, Manning playing all 4 quarters with our studly WR sets. Lanes WILL open up.

Breaking some tackles is important but if you'r relying on it for a good run game, it's not going to be pretty. There has to be better lanes. There has to be more room. We'll get there.
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