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D.J. Williams

Danny Dillard now off the team too. Damn....they are really freeing the roster of deadweight in anticipation of sanctions. I know Golden wants to sign a big ass class and still leave room for the sanctions. To do that you got to play well below the 85.

I think right now they are at 76 kids on scholarship. I would be surprised if they were hit with more than 15 ships. I think that would be the limit. I hope for 9-12. At 15 , divided over 3 years that's 5 per year, so you gotta play at 80.

We will lose about 18 to graduation and 2 early to the draft this year, that's 20. Takes you down to 56 or 55 as I expect one more kid to be purged. So you can still sign 25 and play at 80 if some enroll early and count to last years total rather than this years.

This is all roster management.
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