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I liked all three. I'd like to go through them all again now that I've been through them once and see if I can find any hidden context. I'd specifically be looking for more clues on Bloodraven, who I believe is a vastly underrated and poorly understood character by the majority of the ASOIAF fandom.

For my part, I think Bloodraven is playing The Game on a whole different level, making the game for the Iron Throne quaint. It seems to me that the throne that Blood Raven is sitting on is the real center of power in Westeros, regardless of the politics happening between the houses. Though, admittedly, it's not completely clear what influence Bloodraven wields from that position outside of knowing virtually everything about the past and present.

This, of course, calls into question what is going on with Bran, who is seemingly being groomed for the position. I once made the statement that I think Bran, in the end, as a warg, might end up being Azor Ahai returned. It's a theory I turn over in my mind now and again. I don't know that I think that's the case anymore though - especially not until we find out what happens to Jon Snow (who really believes he's dead and gone for good?) In any case, I do think Bran has the potential to be The Prince That Was Promised with Jon having the potential to be Azor Ahai - which the question that I have is "are they on the same side?

This much I know, Bloodraven is using "magic" and he's pro-targaryen. Somewhere in the world is a magic wielder representing Rhollor, whose voice Varys heard during the penis pyre episode. This is where the real game is happening, I think... Between these two. And if they *ARE* moving chess pieces on the board, Bloodraven is clearly moving them for the Targaryen cause, where Rhollor is apparently backing Stannis. Which kind of screws with my mind in all sorts of ways when I start thinking about the implications of it all...

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