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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
I thought the fax machine snafu was on the agent's end? That would nullify your theory about having to hire the 15-year old. They DO need a nanny for Von...
Plus the 15yo could end up dealing pot to the players after he mobalizes his new found wealth. With our FOs history of Alcohol abuse there is a really good chance they could end up walking through the gate way, and then we will have Matt Russell driving through a cow pasture while on a quest for funions dipped in pretzel cheese. Of course the party atmosphere the FO already sustains, accompanied with a baked ambitionless haze will inevitably lead to harder drugs being present at dive valley (the hip new name for party Hq). In that case Russell will be driving through a cow pasture on a funion quest with Von Miller naked in the bed of his truck chewing on straws, rubbing all over Pats fur coat collection, and jamming out to some sweet dub step grooves. Just to keep the old timers up to speed, those are the euphoric mediums that make MDMA an exciting drug experience. Of course this little journey, all sparked by the hiring of a 15yo, will most assuredly end with Von and Matt crashing into an unmarked police car manned by strippers that they will subsequently impregnate, beat, and refuse to pay child support for.

Maybe it isn't a good idea to hire a 15yo.

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