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Let me address this size issue. It doesn't matter if he is 230 or 250. It's all about how he plays. I actually would prefer Trevethan at MLB and think he could play and hold up there.

Our DTs will be two gapping. That means whichever two DTs (Knighton and Vickerson) in whichever order along with Wolfe or Malik will all be two gapping in base downs. This will keep our LBs clean as there are more gaps filled allowing the LBs to flow.

Where I have the issue is Irving starting over Phillips at SOLB. I think Phillips would be a solid replacement option there, bringing a similar skill set *EDIT (Like Von's). Irving may be better verse the run, but is that really worth sacrificing the pass rush Phillips offers?

I said in the beginning of this thread I didn't want Bradley. I mentioned another name and even said some targets in the draft. But that's not where we are today, and today we appear to be Von less for sometime. And I'm not as worried about the run as I am the pass rush..

It will almost be as if we are in Nickel, just with Irving at SAM instead of Phillips for whatever reason..

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