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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I pretty much agree with this. Carol probably wanted to make some kind of statement at home against the Broncos. We were pretty vanilla most of the day. This Saturday will give us a better feel for what this team can when it game plans. And this Rams team is going to be better this year.

I re-watched the game and I think we did a lot of good things. We had some long drives where we kept the other team off the field. The protection was good. They didn't have their pass rushers, but we didn't have Clady. I thought the running backs were decisive and hit their holes hard. I thought the passing game looked good. The defense had some bright spots. They tackle well and play strong at the point of attack. Wesley Woodyard played very well. Basically special teams and turnovers hid a lot of good stuff.

I'll also add that every problem is an opportunity is disguise. There is so much to coach on from this game. I am actually glad that we had it from that perspective, but it will depend on exactly what you said...what happens this weekend because we will install pieces of a game plan. There will be second half adjustments. We're missing some players and while I am not as high on the team as I was...I still think we're in the hunt to compete for the title and at this point in any season that's all you can ask for.
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