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Finally watched the replay of the game. My thoughts:
- I don't think Hillman will be an every down back but besides the one play where he couldn't break the edge, I thought he was cutting well and playing much better. I think the fumble was crap because he broke the line first.
- I was impressed by Ball's performance. Not excited by it but impressed and I'm not worried yet.
- JT is massive, he is rough around the edges and reminds me of a rookie DT and should have held onto that pass but otherwise he looked very good with everything except pass protection.
- I think they miss Dreessen quite a bit. They need a nasty TE out there to catch and block
- Lastly, that slimeball Pete Carrol pulled a Steve Spurrier and game-planned. Their players looked like they wanted to hurt whoever lined up against them. And correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they keep their starters in while we were already transitioning to the second?
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