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Word is ( Klis of DP) that the Broncos are going to sign a RB this week ( McGahee?).

Assuming that they do, then I think it means they will IR Anderson till next year, when the cutdowns happen later this month. When you see the way CJ was running, and moving forward after contact, he ( not Ball, Bell or Hillman) most closely looks like what a healthy McGahee offered to the team. Add in his one cut ability. And maybe McGahee being cut in the first place was somewhat because of what Anderson showed in OTAs and the start of camp.

Since Walton is already the designated 6 week IR guy for the team they can't
use that for Anderson. And it is likely that trying to slip him through waivers to put on the PS will result in some team ( Washington or Houston especially, or the damn Patriots) trying to snatch him away, if not right away , then later in the season.

If Denver signs a BIG back this week then he will replace CJ in the teams plans for this year. My bet is IR.
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