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John Elway

Originally Posted by gunns View Post
It's at 7 MDT. I have never been in a draft that lasts longer than an hour and a half. Why does one last 4 hours. And in my leagues we have defensive players and 7-9 on the bench. Do you have considerable time to make the picks?

I'd really rather not do a draft at 10 on a Sunday. I have to be at work at 6 the next day.
My in-person drafts can last 4 hours because we are there to have a good time. 2 minutes per pick. Laughing and talking, drinking beer, multiple breaks, etc. Plus some time after the draft to critique each others teams, which is really just more **** talking, lol. It's a good time and we aren't trying to get out in any record time.

Online drafts, otoh, are much faster of course. So we could do it on Saturday the 31st at noon Eastern and I'd be fine. JCM, 9:15 PM eastern on Sunday the 25th would be cutting it close to my live draft that afternoon, but I can make sure we keep things running along quickly so I will be able to make it!
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