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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by errand View Post
People b****ing about Lance Ball....If the Broncos are down to their 4th RB does it really matter who it is? We're ****ed either way in my opinion.

Lance keeps making the team because while he's nothing spectacular, he's solid and does what he's told to do. If we have to count on him as our feature back, yes we're in trouble...if we need him to spell one of the other RB's for a few plays or even one game, we'll be OK
The real reason Lance keeps making the team is ST's. Throw in the above and he can carve out a decent NFL career.

I said at the end of last year that if KM wanted to stick in the NFL after his contract ran out he should volunteer to play ST's. His agent must have thought the same thing because he is on ST's this year. Sadly in ST's he is no Lance Ball.
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