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I feel like Montee Ball really showed me something yesterday running the ball, his cuts were decisive and he showed good power, all his runs were between the tackles and he consistently was getting 1-2 yards after being wrapped up. His runs weren't skewed by a 15 yard run or anything either, he was averaging 4-5 yards every time he touched the ball. He whiffed on Bobby Wagner who put a lick on Peyton but Hillman still has issues protecting.

I was impressed with Hillman running yesterday and his vision but damn 2 fumbles on the same drive where they didn't even strip or swinging at it and just from a hit. He's gotta get that straightened out.

I tend to agree with Rev's take on Lance Ball, I guess I understand his role more than most people and I believe the coaches understand it too. He is average at just about everything. I trust him to go in there and not mess up. You don't have to change your gameplan with him in because he can do just about everything "okay". He has proven to be durable and is always there when called upon. I for one will miss that if They go with Ball/Hillman and Knowshon. I highly doubt Hillman can stay healthy for an extended period of time and Knowshon has proven he can't so who does that leave us with in the middle of the season.
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